CND Vinylux - Painted Love Winter 2022 (Full set 6 colors)


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Get ready for a renewed holiday season with CND Painted Love collection in winter 2022, which you can order it easily.

  • Feel The Flutter: It is a dark reddish-brown color. This deep, dramatic color is elegant, timeless, and sophisticated. As a result, when you apply it, that may be an indication of wealth and power.
  • In Lust: This color sits between red and magenta. It is one of the main colors associated with love.
  • Happy Go Lucky: It is a pink hue loaded with energy, kindness, and understanding.
  • Cuddle Up: It is a universal pale pink, which mixes the pink passion and thepurity of white. Cuddle Up indicates playfulness, cheerful, and innocent color.
  • Love Fizz: It is the striking, bold, and captivating red color that implies passionate love, strength, and adventure.
  • Steel Kisses: It is a gray color, which represents neutrality, balance, and intellect. Steel Kisses comes from being the shade between white and black whichare the colors of winter.

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