Ikonna - Professional UV Lamp - White (48W)

Ikonna - Professional UV Lamp - White (48W)


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The 48 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light cures very quickly. It has two settings: 60 seconds and 120 seconds. Four 12 watt light bulbs are included (unless indicated). It is safe and effective for use with top coats and gels. It is a one-hand light.
Brand new Ikonna 48 Watt Gel Curing UV lamp
* This powerful 48 watt UV Gel Lamp is guaranteed to cure all soak-off gel polish on the market
* Two Setting: 60 seconds and 120 seconds lamp
* 110 Volt - 48 Watt (4 x 12watt UV bulbs)
* Cures soak-off gels from, Shellac, OPI, Harmony Gelish, Ibd, etc...

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