Apres - Gel X Nail Tips Box (Short - Medium - Long)


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Try out different shapes and styles of tips with Apres’ box of tips! One box includes 50pcs of 10 sizes, total of 500pcs.

Apres’ Gel-X tips are specially formulated out of soft gel to provide you with a comfortable and lightweight nail enhancement, without the damage of acrylic or hard gel. Use Gel-X tips with Apres’ Extend Gel to ensure 4+ weeks of strong wear on the natural nail and make removal simple and easy! Both Gel-X tips and Extend Gel are composed of soft gel, which allows for them to be soaked off within 15-20 minutes.

Have many types:

  • Natural Round Short
  • Natural Stiletto Short
  • Sculpted Round Medium
  • Sculpted Coffin Medium
  • Sculpted Square Medium
  • Natural Round Medium
  • Natural Square Medium
  • Sculpted Coffin Long
  • Natural Stiletto Long

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