Chisel - Dip Powder Ombre 2oz (#51A 51B - #72A 72B)

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Chisel - Dip Powder Ombre 2oz (#51A 51B - #72A 72B)

  • Brand: Chisel
  • Product Type: Dip Powder
  • Type: Dip Powder Ombre
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • 2oz

Chisel's Ombre Powder for professionals and home use.The combinations are made to match, but you can let your imagination go wild with all the color choices.Dipping powders paired together to create a beautiful ombre look on your nails.
Chisel Dipping powder lets nail artists create bright and colorful stamped nail designs. Use with Chisel Nail Art 3D Stamps to cut special shapes and unique designs into uncured dipping powder.

  • First, apply base coat to nail bed to give the dipping powder a strong foundation.
  • Then, apply dipping powder using a manicure brush or by dipping fingers directly into the powder.
  • Next, use a Chisel Nail Art Stamp to cut 3D designs into the uncured dipping powder.
  • Then, use top coat to give the color dipping powder and beautiful and shiny finish.
  • Last, apply activator to cure dipping powder and top coat.

Beyond Dipping Powder is available in over 100 glossy colors for maximum creativity.
Use multiple colors and multiple stamps to design original stamped nail art that your customers will love.

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