Cre8tion - Paraffin Warmer Machine (Cool to 113-115ºF)


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Package Includes:
- Cre8tion Wax Warmer
- Manual
- Plastic Heat Proof Mat
- Brush

1. Melt the wax by turning warmer to maximum temperature.
2. After the wax has melted, turn down the heat setting to 113ºf - 115ºf and allow wax to cool before use.

DO NOT IMMEDIATELY USE. allow a few minutes for the melted wax to cool for safe and comfortable use. the high temperature of the warmer element may continue to heat the wax for a few minutes and may burn the skin if the wax temperature is not allowed to stabilize and cool to 113-115ºF.

WARNING - melted/hot wax may burn the skin and / or cause irritation for sensitive people. stop use if reaction occurs.

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