IGel - Dip & Dap Powder 2oz (#DD100 - #DD159)

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IGel - Dip & Dap Powder 2oz (#DD100 - #DD159)

  • Brand: Igel
  • Type: Dip Powder
  • Size: 2 oz (56g)
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

iGel Dip & Dap Powder is a healthier, safer and more time efficient alternative to an acrylic monomer system. It is infused with calcium, vitamins and adds shine to the nails without damaging the nail beds. 
The dip system produces a natural feel, being stronger than gel application but lighter than acrylic.
It is odor and MMA free and also doesn't require the use of an UV/LED lamp.
The Dip & Dap is the next best thing for the nail industry.
The dip & dap is so versatile - You can dip it, you can dap it, you can ombré, you can 3D design it - you can do it all!
- Odorless
- Lightweight
- Durable
- High Shine
- Easy to Use
- No MMA
- Looks & Feels Natural
- Healthy Nails with Added Vitamins and Calcium
- No UV/LED Light Needed

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