InfaLab - Stop Bleeding Skin (15ml)

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InfaLab - Stop Bleeding Skin (15ml)

  • Brand: InfaLab
  • Type: Disinfectant
  • Stop Bleeding Skin
  • Size: 15ml
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Product Information:

  • Antiseptic and Sanitizer
  • This product is an Antiseptic and Sanitizer Also known as “Liquid Styptic.” This formula promotes healing and stops bleeding on minor cuts and manicure nicks.
  •  Great for shaving cuts as well.
  • Apply one drop to cut to contract the capillaries and stop the bleeding fast while also sanitizing the wound.
  • Quickly stops flow of blood in minor wounds
  • Sanitizes to prevent infection
  • Only takes a drop
  • Great for manicures and shaving nicks
  • Amazing for salons or to use at home!

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