KDS Spa - Deluxe Pedicure Spa 4 in 1 (Case of 88 packs)


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The Package includes 4 packs 

1. NaturalSpa Pedi Salt: Made with fresh Sea Salt and Essential Oils to Deodorize, Sanitize, Moisture and Hydrate. Add the packet of NaturalSpa Pedi Salt to warm pedicure spa water and soak feet to enjoy the effervescent and sparkling reaction as it Deodorizes, Sanitizes Moisturizes, Hydrates, and Softens the skin.

2. Collagen Sugar Scrub: Apply Our Sugar Scrub and Massage to exfoliate dead skin and improve circulation. Use water to rinse and wash off Sugar Scrub. Dry with tower if necessary.

3. Pedi Cream Mask: Apply our Pedi Mask evenly to lower legs and feet to Cleanse, Detoxify, and Tighten the Pores. Allow to dry and then rinse, and tower dry.

4. Collagen Massage Lotion: Massage our Aromatherapeutic Cream into Skin to Hydrate and Soothe Deep Tissue of the skin for a Smooth Silky Feeling.

Note: Our products are not made with 100% Natural ingredients.

Product made in USA.

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