Kupa - Glo Led Uv Lamp 36W Cordless (Black with Red Trim)


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Get ready for a lamp like you’re never seen before! The MANIPro Glo™ Lamp has two interchangeable color sleeves, top and bottom, allowing you to customize your lamp to match your mood and your Passport. The MANIPro Glo™ features LED/UV bulbs, a rechangeable battery for wireless power all day, Oach! Free curing for clients’s maximum comfort, and much more. Sleek, fun, and functional, the MANIPro Glo™ is more than just a lamp: It’s a fashionable accessory.


  • Interchangeable Color Sleeves
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable Lithium Baterry
  • Quick change Baterry
  • Auto sensor
  • 5 finger Cure
  • Sanitizable Tray
  • Kupa Ecosystem
  • Real-time Baterry /Power Level
  • Countdown timer Display
  • 1 Year Warranty and Repair
  • Acetone-Resistant

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