Notpolish - Base Coat, Gloss-it Top, Bond, Base, Activator, Mirror Shine (15ml or 224ml)


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Always start with a foundation and a base coat is always step 1. Protect you nails from chipping and staining with Not Polish base coat, we got you rock solid!

Cured in just 30 seconds under a LED light, Not Polish Gloss it Top Coat will have all your designs shimming like glass. The top coat will seal in all those detailed nail creations, so they can last longer and leave everyone in envy.

#1 BOND:
Apply to the nail bed before applying dipping base or any dipping powder.

#2 BASE:
Apply Step 2 to make the nail sticky to allow the dip powder to adhere to the nail.

Apply Activator after the gel base and dip powder has been applied to the nail, this step activates the dip powder to harden.

Step 4 Finishing Gel – apply after the nail has been prepped, dipped, and activated.
The Mirror Shine will give the nail an amazing glass sheen and an incredible toughness.
This will finish off the Dip Powder treatment with 50% stain resistance.


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