SNS - Gel Base, Top, Brush Saver, EA Bond, Nail Thinner Refill (2oz)


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Gel Base:
A liquid gel fortified with Calcium and Vitamin E to help the nail bed grow thicker and stronger.
Recommended Use:
Apply gel for Pink & White only

Gel Top:
This liquid gel is used to create a brilliant shine and protect nails from the sun’s harmful rays.
Recommended Use:
Apply as a final coat to create shine and protect from UV

Brush Saver:
Maintains a soft and clean brush during applications.
Recommended Use:
Use for cleaning brushed between and during applications.

EA Bond:
This adhesive helps promote a tight seal and nourish the nail bed.
Recommended Use: 
Apply to the nail bed before applying gel base or powder

Nail Thinner:
Over time Gel Base, Gel Top, and Gelous Base will become thicker with use. Nail Thinner will fix this problem.
Recommended Use: 
Add just a few drops at a time to gel, shake and reuse till gel is thin. 

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