Ikonna - Professional UV Lamp - White (36W)

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Product Description
Get the perfect manicure in minutes using the Ikonna Gel Curing UV Lamp Nail Dryer from MassageTools. The 36-watt nail dryer is wide enough to dry all of the nails on a hand or foot at a single time, and is fully enclosed to help speed up dry times. The lamp can be used for gel polishes or traditional nail polishes for incredible versatility. This salon-favorite design produces a bright UV light that is necessary to cure and harden certain types of gel polish. The dryer can be set to run for two or three minutes, delivering customized drying for polishes, top coats, fills and more. The compact, lightweight dryer fits almost anywhere and delivers incredible results, every time. The dryer includes four 9-watt bulbs, which may be pre-installed prior to delivery in order to test the unit and to ensure that it works.

• 36 watts
• Long lasting
• 4 x 9 watts bulb
• Favorite salon users

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