Gelish - Nail Surface Cleanser (32oz)

Gelish - Nail Surface Cleanser (32oz)

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Helps to prevent drying of skin surrounding the nail. Works on various types of gel and soak off gel products. Will not damage the natural nail plate. Gelish Cleanser is used on the nail to wipe the nail clean prior to preparation of the nail for product application. Gelish  Cleanser contains specific moisturizing additives to prevent the drying of the skin surrounding the nail during application. Moisturizers are blended as specialized solvents, to prevent them from forming a film, that leaves an unwanted residue on the nail plate prior to artificial nail application. A unique chemical composition of Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, and Ethyl Acetate enable Gelish Cleanser it to work on various types of gel and soak off gel products and create the ultimate shine. Safe to use and does not damage the natural nail plate with continuous use.

Additional Details

Item Name: Harmony Gelish - Gel Cleanser - 32 oz
Manufactuer: Harmony
Type: Cleansers & Removers
UPC: 812803012285
SKU: HGM-01228
Weight: 1134 grams - (2.5 lb)
Condition: New

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