iGel - Dip & Dap Refill 16oz (Clear, Dark Light Medium Pink)

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"Get longer, stronger, more natural feeling nails with a durable finish and a shine that lasts! Our iGel Dip & Dap Powder line is formulated without harsh chemicals and has added vitamins and calcium to strengthen your natural nails."

This dip & dap is so versatile - You can dip it, you can dap it, you can ombré, you can 3D design it - you can do it all! Available in 247 beauty-certified colors.

Product Size: 16 oz (448 g)
Product Type:
Dip & Dap Powder



✔ Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and 5-Free!

✔ Non-toxic, Odorless and MMA-Free

✔ Lightweight and Durable

✔ No UV/LED Light required

✔ Easy to Use - Looks and Feels Natural

✔ Healthy Nails with Added Vitamins and Calcium

✔ Crack and chip-resistant

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