Orly - LED 900 FX Cordless Lamp - Pink, Teal, White (NEW 2023)


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Featuring :
-No Dead Zones
-39 High Quality LEDs Positioned to Cure All Five Fingers or Toes at the Same Time
-Detachable Magnetic Bottom Plate for Easy Pedicure
-High Performance Rechargeable Battery
-Acetone Resistant
-Dual UV/LED Functionality For Universal
- Product Compatibility With One Year Limited Warranty

Fill your salon with bright, beautiful color with the ORLY Cordless Gel Lamp in Pink, Teal or White. It’s designed for use with all gel products, including builder, and has a low heat mode for sensitive clients, an easy-read digital timer and a lithium-ion battery for up to 90 minutes per charge.

39 LEDs eliminate dead spots and cool zones to cure fingers and toes simultaneously, and it converts quickly for pedicures with a magnetic bottom plate. Perfect your salon’s palette with our three striking shades! The ORLY Cordless Gel Lamp LED 900FX.

Here are the facts

  •     Cordless Gel Lamp
  •     Available in 3 colors: Teal, White, Pink
  •     Cures all 5 fingers (or toes) at the same time
  •     Low heat mode to ensure complete gel curing for sensitive clients
  •     39 Strategically Placed LEDs to ensure there are no dead spots or cool zones
  •     Easy to read digital timer positioned towards the nail technician for more precise curing.
  •     Magnetic bottom plate for fast conversion for pedicures.
  •     Engineered for use with all gel products, including Builder in a Bottle
  •     Lithium-ion battery allows up to 90 minute of continuous use time per charge

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