USN - Clear Straight Coffin (540pcs/ Refill)

USN - Clear Straight Coffin (540pcs/ Refill)

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USN - Clear Straight Coffin (540pcs/ Refill)

  • Brand : USN
  • Product Type : Clear Straight Coffin
  • Type: Nail Tips & Box
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Box 540 pieces of straight coffin clear tips are offered in 11 different sizes, so they’re convenient to choose the most suitable size that fits your every finger.

Fit for fake acrylic nails, artificial nails, gel nails, plastic nails, etc. These fake nails are designed with clear color and full cover. Easy to file, paint, and apply. Once painted with a suitable glue or decorated with colorful decorations, they look genuine and friendly, holding the color without separating or streaking, making your tips magical and stylish. The 540pcs nail tips with case offer eleven different sizes that fit most fingers, numbered 0-11, so they're easy to keep track of and convenient to choose the suitable size that fits every finger. They are great for both professional nail specialists and nail art learners, ideal for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, beautiful gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sisters, and ideally take part in the party, dating, weddings, etc.

Product Features

  • Straight Coffin nails are designed Clear with no color, and a coffin end design makes your nails more elegant and charming.
  • Simple Operation: box full-cover artificial press-on nails are easy to trim, paint and apply and friendly, holding the color without separating or streaking.
  • Pairing up paint and colorful decoration makes your nails more natural.
  • The nail tips are made from high-quality ABS material, meaning there's no toxicity, No smell, and no harm to your nails or body, making the nails durable and natural.
  • Box 540 PCS Straight Coffin Clear tips offer 11 different sizes, so choosing the most suitable size that fits your every finger is convenient.

Nail Tips Sizes

  • 0 = 32 tips
  • 1 = 48 tips
  • 2 = 48 tips
  • 3 = 64 tips
  • 4 = 80 tips
  • 5 = 80 tips
  • 6 = 64 tips
  • 7 = 32 tips
  • 8 = 32 tips
  • 9 = 32 tips
  • 10 = 32 tips

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