Cre8tion - Nail Lacquer Base Top Super White Black (0.5oz)

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14005 - Nail Lacquer Bond Base
Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Bond Base stops chipping and maximizes the bond between your nails and your favorite lacquer colors.

14000 - Nail Lacquer Matte Top
Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Matte Top Coat is the final step of smooth and stealthy. For use with all nail lacquer colors.

14006 - Nail Lacquer Shiny Top
Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Shiny Top Coat is the final step for gel-like gloss with the ease of air dry lacquer. For use with all nail lacquer colors.

14001 - Nail Lacquer Super White
Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Super White is our whitest white now in lacquer! For nails that have to be recognized. We dare you to try them on French Tips.

14003 - Nail Lacquer Super Black
Cre8tion Nail Lacquer Super Black is so dark with a deep finish that you could fall right into. There’s no need to be afraid of the dark.

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