Kiara Sky - Dip System: Bond, Base, Seal, Top, Oil, Brush (15ml)

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Kiara Sky - Dip System: Bond, Base, Seal, Top, Oil, Brush (15ml)

  • Brand: Kiara Sky
  • Type: Base & Top Coat
  • Size: Choose small bottle 0.5oz each or refill bottle 2oz
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Do you love dip powder nails so much you need to replenish your stock? 
We have you covered! Everything that came in your original Dip Powder Nails Starter Kit is right here in the dip essentials section.

We also offer 2oz refills of each essential nail polish powder in the starter kit as well as each glaze needed for both application and aftercare.

#1 Bond: 
The first step in our dip system is our bond glaze. This goes on first to prep the nail and ensure all layers stick easily and stay put making for a tight seal and also nourishing the nail bed.

#2 Base:
The second step in our system is our Kiara Sky dip base glaze. This is used before dipping in powder; our base glaze allows the powder to adhere to the area applied and maintain long lasting wear. 

#3 Seal Protect:
The third step in our dip system is our seal protect polish. This acrylic nail sealer is used to harden the powder and seal all previous coats so the nail can be drilled, filed, and buffed.

#4 Top:
The fourth step in our dip system is the top coat glaze. This acts just like any other top coat creating shine and protecting nails from the sun’s harmful rays. It is specially formulated to work with the dip powder.

#5 Nourish Oil:
The fifth step in our dip system is the nail cuticle oil; this can be applied around the cuticle once nails are done.  This natural nail oil is enriched with Vitamins, botanical oils, and Calcium to help natural nails grow stronger.

#6 Brush Saver:
The last bottle is for cleaning brushes between and during applications, dissolving any leftover powder. It maintains a soft and clean brush during applications.

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