How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Posted by Phuong Nam Le on

Everyone loves a perfect manicure, but the chipping, cracking and peeling will eventually happen. The truth is that nail polish is not intended to last forever. However, there are some fantastical tricks and tips to make a perfect manicure last a little longer than usual.

Your nail technician (manicurist) will start by soaking your hands to soften the cuticle. however, soaking your hands makes your nails retain water and eventually expand.  After you paint your nails, your nails shrink and you can see what happens. The shirking of your nails makes the polish not fit perfectly. So, what I would recommend as an alternative is to avoid soaking your nails in water and instead use cuticle oil.

Make sure you push your nails cuticle properly. This can make your manicure last longer because nail polish can get on your cuticles and then the nail polish will eventually ship away or peel-off your nails.

The ridges on your nails need to be properly buffed. A deep ridge on the nails can cause the nail polish to crack, therefore you should buff your nails in one direction until you achieve a very smooth surface. This will definitely help your manicure last longer.

Nail tips are more likely to ship away, therefore you must use a sticky base coat which you should apply twice. And don’t forget to apply evenly and place more emphasis on the nail tips.

If you apply a daily topcoat will make your manicure last longer as well. Also, it will strengthen and protect your nails. You can also view my other article about how to care for your nails after a manicure or pedicure.

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